Hollow Fast

Carbide Cutters- Round, Square, Holders, Clamps, and Accessories

Round Carbide Cutters

Key Features

  • Made with fine particle micro carbide to provide a sharp edge for woodturning
  • Two styles: Scraper and Shear
    •  6 mm
    • 10 mm
    • The larger the cutter the more aggressive the cut can be made; note, more vibration may occur with the more aggressive cut
  • Scraper Cutters
    • designed for more aggressive cuts
    • designed with a 3 degree inside angle to achieve a sharper edge than a straight flat scraper
    • TMI cutter holder is matched for this style
    • A 6mm Scraper Cutter and Holder is included with the Hollow Fast System
  • Shear Cutters
    • designed for very smooth cutting
    • cut on an angled "shear" like a knife or gouge
    • very precise and very sharp

6mm and 10mm Round Scraper and Shear Cutters

H750-31R-K: Cutter Holders- 6mm indexing cutter holder, 6mm Shear Cutter, Torx Screw, Torx Wrench

Cutter Holders

Key Features

  • holds carbide cutter securely in place at either a fixed or adjustable angle
  • Three styles: 0 deg Square Shank, 30 deg Square Shank, and 1/4" Round Shank
  • 0 deg Square Shank Cutter Holder
    • sets 3 deg incline
    • matches Scraper Cutter
    • gives horizontal cutting surface to the wood
  • 30 deg Square Shank Cutter Holder
    • set 3/16 deg
    • matches Shear Cutter
    • square shank with a fixed angle (no guessing!)
  • 1/4" Round Shank Cutter Holder
    • for 6mm and 10mm cutters
    • set any cutting angle with this indexing holder
    • use with Shear Cutter
 Swivel Holder Clamps Key Features secures cutter holder to Hollow Fast Articulating Arm System. Three styles: Round, Square, and Combination Round Shank Clamp 1/4" provides rotational indexing Square Shank Clamp 3/16" high provides fixed angle at 0 or 30 deg Combination of Round and Square

H750-31R-K: Round indexing holder mounted on boring bar


H750-43 Articulated Extension shown mounted with Cutter Clamp, Cutter Holder and Cutter (not included) Carbide Cutter shown separate on right.


H750-44K: Platform and Swivel Holder Clamp (top)

Shown with Cutter Holder and Carbide Cutter installed (not included)

H750-15 Hollowing Bar (bottom)



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