How to Clean Out Vacuum Generators:

Set air pressure to 60-65 PSI for a V810 or 70 PSI for a V810R with a built in regulator.


Put finger over white vacuum connection hose barb.


V810R Adjust regulator up or down - this knob does not affect vacuum like the volume on a radio.


NOTE: Too much pressure or too little will decrease vacuum.


If you have very little or no vacuum, this may indicate that the vacuum generator is clogged.


This cleaning process only takes 5 to 10 minutes.

Step by step:


Step 1: Take off bottom of unit

View of open unit

Step 2: Locate Vacuum Generators. Pull out T with Generators.

Step 3: Disconnect both tubes from generators.

Step 4: Unscrew both generators. Notice the alignment of the hose barbs for easier reassembly. Use caution to prevent breaking generators.

Step 5: If there is oil in the generator, clean out with isopropyl alcohol. Blow out generators in the following order TWICE. Small pin hole first. Hose Barb second.

Step 6. Reassemble unit in reverse. No Teflon tape is required. Do not overtighten the generators.


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