Hollow Fast

Hollow Fast Systems

  • Easy to use and set up
  • Two lathe mounting systems:  Post Mount and Tail Stock Mount
  • H750-TS or H750-PM Complete System includes:
    • Tail Stock or Post Mount
    • Articulated Arm
    • High Speed Steel Bit and Clamp
    • 6mm Carbide Cutter: scraper cutter with holder
    • Note: H750-TS-L or H750PM-L includes the Laser System
  • Recommended Accessories
    • Laser Wall Thickness Gauge: H750-41 (included with H750-TS-L or H750-PM-L)
    • Long Reach Articulated Cutter Adapter: H750-43
    • High Speed Steel Bit Sharpening Holder: S916
    • 6mm Shear Carbide Cutter and Holder Kit: H750-31S-K


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