Stick Fast Wood Stabilizing Resin

Stick Fast Wood Stabilizing Resin Wood Stabilizing Resin gives new life to woods that would normally not be usable for turning. Woods that tend to split, crack, and check, such as spalted woods, now can become solid. Combine with our Hold Fast Wood Stabilizing Vacuum System. Key Features Low viscosity Low odor Low temperature 200F Heat Cure-- allows cure in small toaster oven...out of the kitchen! Heat-cured resin makes soft wood harder to prevent cracking 1 gallon and 1 quart Dyes can be added to the Stabilizing Resin for dramatic color effects

Stick Fast Wood Stabilizing Resin, 1 qt and 1 gal

Learn how to stabilize wood with Stick Fast Stabilizing Resin and Hold Fast Stabilizing System with Dave Hout

Dyes formulated especially

for TMI Products

red, yellow, black, blue, violet

Examples of Stabilized Dyed Woods


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