V802 Diaphragm Replacement- seal repair

If your vacuum seal is damaged in any way, pull off the old seal like pulling off tape.


Clean bearing surface.


Apply a small amount of grease to inside bearing race along edge of hose barb fitting.


Peel off backing of new seal and carefully place new seal over hose barb.


Center as close as possible. Using both hands to hold the seal while pushing down helps to avoid wrinkles.


Use fingers to smooth seal in place.


The seal will set when the initial vaccuum is applied.

Damaged V802

Damaged seal will cause a vacuum leak.


Items needed for replacement: new seal, solvent, grease, toothpick, cloth/paper towel.

5 Simple Steps


Step 1: Peel off the damaged seal completely and clean the bearing surface and base housing - isopropyl alcohol will work as well.

Step 2: Lightly grease ONLY the inside race along edge of hose barb fitting.

Grease all the way around the race-hose barb base.

Step 3: Peel seal off paper backing.

Step 4: Place seal over hose barb with two hands.

Step 5: Smooth seal against bearing. The initial vacuum will also help smooth the seal.

And, you're done! You've successfully replaced the damaged V802 Diaphragm Seal.


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