Vacuum Chuck Heads

V803, V806, and V808

Vacuum chuck heads are versatile and seal flat, concave, and convex surfaces.


Double O-ring seals provide the optimal vacuum seal.


Available in standard spindle threads 1", 1.25", and 33mm.



  • Use the largest chuck that will fit your project. The holding vacuum is proportional to the surface area of the chuck head.  A 6" chuck head has more than 3 times the holding power of a 3" chuck.
  • Double O ring seals may need to be re-glued after extensive use. Use a pressure-sensitive adhesive such as Aleene's Tack-It Over & Over adhesive.


V812 Vacuum Generator

Hold Fast Vacuum Generator


The V812 Series Vacuum Generators provides an economical vacuum source for all your Hold Fast vacuum chucking systems. Only requires a basic 2CFM compressor.


  • The V812 operates optimally with 80-90 PSI Air pressure.
  •  Easy vacuum adjustment knob ideal for lower start up vacuum required with Stabilizing Resin chambers.
  • 25+ In Hg vacuum at sea level.
  • small, compact, and quiet - just the light sound of air escaping from the case.


  • Mount closely to the working area with double-sided tape, Velcro, or magnets to provide easy reach for control of vacuum.

V834 Vacuum Kit

V812 Vacuum Generator

V802 Spindle Adapter

V803 Vacuum Chuck Head, 3" (select spindle size)

Hold Fast Vacuum Kit


Hold Fast Vacuum Kit has everything you need to start vacuum chucking.


VCS kits include:

V812 Vacuum Generator

V802 Universal Vacuum Adapter

plus a 3" or 6" Chuck Head


3", 6", and 8" chuck heads available in 1"x8, 1.25"x8, and 33mm spindle sizes


VCS Vacuum Kit


Rolair JC10 Air Compressor


Thinking about getting a new air compressor? TMI recommends Rolair, an excellent 2.3 CFM.


Super quiet, lightweight, and compact!



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