Wood Stabilization System

Wood Stabilization System


System applies heat-cured resin that penetrates deeply into wood. Wood that tends to crack and check, such as spalted wood, now can become solid and is easy to turn.


System uses a Vacuum Stabilization Process and Stabilizing Resin.


Stick Fast Wood Stabilizing Resin


Key Features

  • 1 qt and 1 gal
  • Low viscosity
  • Low odor
  • Low temperature 200F Heat Cure

Allows cure in small toaster oven...out of the kitchen!

or a new technique - using boiling water: wrap each piece in seran wrap, put in open plastic bag, keep bag opening above water level, submerge into boiling water. This takes half the cure time, does not require temperature control (boiling water is approximately 212 but the heat transfer temperature seems to be perfect), less resin pushed out during cure.


Heat-cured resin makes soft wood harder to prevent cracking.


Dyes can be added to the Stabilizing Resin for dramatic color effects.

Hold Fast V820S Wood Stabilizing Kit


Key Features

Main vacuum chamber/large batch tank

  • 8.25 quart
  • 50-70 pen blanks


Small vacuum chamber/small batch tank

  • 2 quart
  • 20 pen blanks

Clear covers with fittings

Large chamber is ideal for large batch stabilizing



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