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Knowledge Of Pink Diamonds

7 Ways To Improve Your Knowledge Of Pink Diamonds

Everybody loves diamonds! There is no single person in this world who dislikes having a big or even a tiny diamond is in their possession. Diamonds have to be exquisite stones that tend to fill your life with luxury and charm. When you get your hands on some rare colored diamonds, you get a deal of a lifetime.

The scarceness and brilliant beauty of a diamond make it different and most wanted of all the gems and stones. Where natural diamonds are intriguing, rare diamonds like a pink diamond are taking the world with allure. When you talk about this rare and scarce diamond, there are specific ways and facts that one needs to learn and understand before making their way towards the shop to buy one.

  1. They originated in the country of Australia

The beautiful pinkish diamonds are mostly native to the Australian continent but are also found in parts of Africa, India, Brazil, Canada, and Russia. They come from the huge Argyle mines which create these diamonds to get the rarest of all.

  1. They are born different

Being born different might be a bad thing for humans, but it creates the best rare diamonds on this earth. While other white diamonds get found mainly in this Argyle mines' timberline pipe, these rarest pink colored diamonds get found in the mines' lamproite pipe, which gives them a pinkish color.

Pink colored diamonds

  1. They are exquisite and rare

While other white diamonds get found in plenty, these rare and natural diamonds are scarce. Only a certain number of diamonds exist in this world, and expensive and rare.

  1. Polishing is difficult

These rare pinkish diamonds' structure is complicated and rough, making them hard to polish and shine. While the white diamonds are easy to polish and make shine, but these diamonds got really tough to work with.

  1. The Color of this diamond is a mystery

We all know how the white diamonds are made and what pressure makes them have their transparent glassy color. Still, the color that these diamonds acquire naturally is a great deal of mystery as the world got no idea how the Color made its way into these beautiful diamonds. Certain circulated theories that scientists think might be true, like the plastic deformation processor difference in light absorptions and many more.

  1. A statement in pink

Various famous pinkish diamonds got made into this world record, which stole everyone's attention. The largest of the cut pinkish diamonds got to be known as Daria – I- Noor, which particularly weighs 186 carats; there is Noor-il-Ain which gets called as eyes of the light got to be 60 carats, while many are more like this.

  1. Not all are the same

Unlike white diamonds, pink-colored diamonds got created differently under different pressures. The colors and sizes vividly change with each batch that comes out, making them equally rare and exquisite.

Pink colored diamonds got to be the rarest and beautiful diamonds found on the earth's surface. Maybe their Color and sizes are different and are unique, and they might cost a little more than the white diamonds but having a pink diamond in your possession is the best thing to have.