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A brief guide on the Funeral services of Baby in Singapore

A brief guide on the Funeral services of Baby in Singapore

Angel Star is a specialized service devoted to caring for young children who have to depart our world too soon. We are devoted to working directly with parents to design a funeral service centered on the most important things to their child. This service will include photos of the deceased kid (if the parents want), balloons, and other priceless personal artifacts. Our Funeral Directors are sensitive to the passing of a much-loved newborn, infant, or child is among the most painful experiences a parent can go through. As a result, we are committed to carrying out your wishes in a manner that is respectful and compassionate. Learn more about the baby funeral service singapore.

Angel Star, a ritual for the burial of infants and young children

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In earlier times, holding funerals for infants or young children was frowned upon and even illegal in certain places. It was common to practice dealing with the passing of a child quickly and discreetly, and family members were seldom allowed to mourn properly. On the other hand, in today's culture, when people tend to be more educated and more open-minded, we know the significance of holding a suitable goodbye ceremony for children who have passed away at an inappropriately young age.

Angel Star entails us working directly with hospitals in Singapore to provide grieving parents with the opportunity to say goodbye to their children in a respectful manner using specialized caskets and themes that are designed just for them.

Additionally, we have a strong working relationship with Angel Hearts. This non-profit organization creates burial gowns for babies and children from donated wedding dresses to be worn on their previous travels.

Even though they were only here with us for a short period, the absence of those who were able to love them during their brief lives causes severe emotional distress. Because of this, one of our favorite sayings is that it is not about the days in our lives; instead, it is about the life in our days. Their time on earth may have been brief, but the mark they left was immeasurably profound.

As a result, we want to remember the significant moments that occurred during the baby's or child's life, regardless of how long it was. This would perhaps assist the family as they continue on their path.