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Best Terrarium Workshop In Singapore

Amazing Terrarium Designs You Can Make

Self-sustaining miniature gardens are the way to go for modern homes and offices. Known as terrarium systems, these colorful and texture-filled systems come in multiple sizes and shapes.   Terrarium bottles are available in either closed or open choices. While thinking of creating a terrarium design in Singapore, check out these awesome designs.

What Are Closed Terrariums

These are terrariums sealed up completely, with no openings left. Owing to their unique design, these terrariums need very low maintenance work. You only need to water your system at least once a month. Here are the main designs of closed terrariums you can make and use to spruce up your home.

The Closed Classic Terrarium

The classic close is one of the most common bottles used in making terrariums.  The design and structure of this bottle is classic and straightforward, the reason most terrarium enthusiasts love it. The terrarium closed classic containers offered by Ecoponics are cylindrical in shape, and so they are super versatile and usable.  Join us for a corporate outing and create your dream terrarium with these bottles, and have the versatility of installing them anywhere within your office or home.

Green House Terrariums

The greenhouse terrarium has a greenhouse design installed in a terrarium vessel. It’s a unique design that works best with the latest green styling.  It’s the ideal solution for modern-day contemporary home interiors. So if you have a modern home and want to overhaul its interior to make it look smarter and better, you should consider creating greenhouse terrariums.

Closed Jar Terrariums

The closed jar terrarium is the easiest choice to make and maintain. With this kind of jar terrarium, you can use practically any type of container or vessel. These are superb terrariums with high-quality design and enhanced look that will give your home interior an impressive look.   Closed jar terrariums are bigger and more spacious, so they can store more terrarium plants and decoration materials. Unfortunately, the big size does eat up more interior spacing, meaning if you have a small house or office, they won’t be the best choice for you.

If you want to make customized terrariums for your home or office, consider getting in touch with the team at Ecoponics. We are here to help corporate groups and individuals to design their terrariums. We offer terrarium design workshops ideal for schools and corporates, so if you are into the corporate industry, we are here for you to give you value for your time and money. Our terrarium workshops are all you need to make that attractive terrarium, which will give your office or home interior the most outstanding look. You can always reach out to use to organize for a group workshop any time you feel like.