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Benefits of a traceability software

Check the quality of the products. If you know all the data relating to the products, you can plan the processes and carry out a more accurate control of the goods.

Act quickly . The system allows you to locate the goods to be withdrawn from the market more quickly for any reason.

Comply with current regulations . European companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage sectors must create a traceability system.

Build trust in customers . A company that checks the status of each product inspires a sense of peace of mind and security in customers track and trace system.

The use of traceability software makes the difference. When a company monitors inventory and understands processes, it inspires confidence and therefore has a greater chance of success.

Security and control

Product traceability is the responsibility of all those involved along the supply chain: suppliers, producers, logistics operators , transporters, traders and consumers.

A software is essential for a careful control of the goods. This type of program verifies all the characteristics of the product ensuring the monitoring of the various phases it has gone through.

Choosing which traceability software to use is a critical decision for any business.

Why traceability is important and how to get it

If you look under the can of some of the most popular soft drinks on the market you will notice a series of numbers.

These numbers tell us exactly where and when that product was made, as well as the origin of the ingredients that compose it: in essence, these numbers reveal everything we need to know about what we are holding.

Large industries and multinationals have long recognized the importance of traceability , defined as “the ability to identify the current or past location of a product and its history” .

Today, even small-medium companies are taking steps to ensure the traceability of their supply chain. It is beginning to realize that if a company is able to properly manage security and traceability, the public will have more and more confidence in this manufacturer . And in a world where customer loyalty and consumer certainty are becoming increasingly fragile, this is an extremely important factor.

For many, the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “traceability” is the recall of the product. Having an efficient traceability system makes it easier to locate defective products that need to be quickly withdrawn from the market.

There is no doubt that this system is to safeguard the consumer, but not only: traceability also effectively protects the production company - and not exclusively from product recalls .

For industries operating in the agri-food sector, traceability helps and example in identifying the origin of organic material, additives, additional ingredients and even packaging.