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Brochure Holders and Displays


Think about enhancing your leaflet promotion? Take in the new and trendy brochure holders and displays from stores near you and the internet which has a lot more to offer. With so many options in choosing the right leaflet rack or stand to suit your company’s and your requirements may become a challenge. There are a few steps you can consider while choosing your perfect brochure holder.

Things to consider before choosing the brochure holder:

Firstly consider your budget before choosing your brochure holders and displays. It should always be weighed against the quality and appearance of the product you wish to procure. As it is with any product, you cannot buy champagne with the budget of a beer. If your business boasts a luxury image, then buying the latest in model of brochure holders and displays will be a chinch. First you need to access the needs of your business and think about whether you want your leaflet rack to look stylish or is it required mainly to fulfill its functionality? You can choose better by searching your purchase online before you hit the streets.

Brochure Holders and Displays

Ideal space:

You need to establish the right amount of space to place the brochure holder. If you are tight on the space and have a large number of brochures to put up on display then you can go for the wall mount brochure holder. If you do not have any issue with space, then you need to choose the right spot to place your brochure holder typically where there is a lot of foot traffic. You need to do your research before you place your product on the rack. It should not be too big for the rack and neither should it be too small in it. The perfect size will make many notice it.


You need to decide on the portability which you require with the stand. If you are looking for a stand for trade shows or exhibitions, then you need to choose one that is light weight as you can carry it around easily. It should also be in the size that is allowed by the exhibition managers. Ensure that your brochure holder can carry a lot of leaflets in it and at the same time occupies the smallest space. In some cases, for mobile brochure holders, the best option would be to choose a folding stand which will not need any assembling and be easy to carry.