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Contact The British Connections Agents For A Bno Passport

BNO passport, also known as British National (Overseas) passport, is meant for only BNO citizenship. BNO citizens are mainly Hong Kong's permanent residents. They registered for this BNO citizenship at the time when Hong Kong was still under the administration of the British. With the bno passport, its citizens do not have abode right in the UK. 


What is a BNO passport/Visa? 


As for January 2021, these citizens could apply for a leave to study or work in the UK for five years. So, they can also become eligible for getting their settled status after they have become qualified residents in those five years. 


You can apply for higher education with this Visa for a considerable period. The one thing you, the citizens, cannot do without this BNO visa is claimed any social welfare benefit. Public funds will not be granted to all these citizens under the BNO registration. It is recognized as the tier 1 passport. 


Children under BNO Visa


Children under this BN visa would be able to attend school under 18 years of age. State schools would be free for those children. They will also attend training and education if they are between 16 and 19 years old. If you are applying for a Spouse Visa overseas for UK settlement VISA, you can receive that Visa within twelve weeks. Some agents would help you apply for this Visa and even find the right top school for their kids. 


Who can apply for a BNO Visa?


If you are a citizen of a British national overseas, you can apply for this Visa. For that, you do not require a valid BNO passport. However, if your passport is expired, you need to submit it along with your Visa application. On the other hand, if you lose your passport, the UK can confirm your status. You can further contact me for assistance in case you are unable to figure anything out. Some other people who can apply for this Visa are:


● Any children under 18 years of age

● A civil partner, unmarried partner or spouse

● Any adult of more than 18 years of age

● Any family member including grandparent, parents, sister, son, brother, and others. 


The assistance of British Connection agents


The British Connections agents can help assist the citizens while applying for a BNO passport in Hong Kong. All you need to do is provide the necessary documents required during the BNO passport application. 


These agents will guide you regarding the rest of the steps with proper instructions. In case of any query, these agents would answer all of them and give you the most valuable advice. This can make your application process smoother and free of complications.