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The business model:

          The subscription business model is being hailed as the future of the business world. Even though it is a tough model to bring it to life what with the negotiations and the convincing that you have to undertake before obtaining a single member to your website. People prove to be very tough when they are met with a person doing a membership business and they have to be persuaded to join the membership so that they profit from your business rather than from the others. The unique quality of your business has to be delivered so that you gain membership. For all the hard work that it involves you have to decide earlier on about what the price is going to be. It is big responsibility to how to price membership website so that you can make a profit every month and the subscribers get the best value out of the membership that they have obtained.

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Pick what is suitable:

  • The experts on the membership or subscription model of business convey that there are two methods on how o price the subscription model.
  • One is the annual membership where the member pays for the subscription one time during the year and the other method is the recurring method or payment on every month or monthly basis.
  • The annual pricing might seem to be high for some members and they may hesitate to pay such a higher price and obtaining a member might prove to be difficult.
  • The monthly payment model might suit many people as it is a smaller amount which they can pay easily every month. So the decision has to be made in consultation with the member on how to charge the subscription for the website.
  • It has been observed that the monthly payment generates more members rather than the annual plan and research also confirms to the fact. So it would be wise for the business owner to avail more members with the monthly payment method.
  • The business owner has to calculate meticulously about the two methods and decide on what suits his or her website membership business.
  • You can have access to the calculations on the webpage as well so that it is easy for you to go about the method.
  • It is not just for the member to decide on the payment mode but also the business owner where you have to be sure of you will be making during the month and the year while choosing either of the methods.
  • You have to be very careful while deciding on how to price membership website right so that both sides win.