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corporate secretarial services

Decoding Accountancy Services And Corporate Secretarial Services In Malaysia

If you are a company or an entrepreneur located in Malaysia and are looking for a few services that will help build your business. There are a variety of agencies and consultancies that will provide such services which you can find from a simple search of accountancy services malaysia or even corporate secretarial services.

Finding help for accounting

If you are looking out for accountancy services Malaysia, the agency or company whose services you choose to seek, will basically provide you an expert or a team of chartered accounts or accounting professionals that will be there to help you. A few of the services include sending in staff to assist in accounting and to relive the client from any unexpected turnover, tiding up accounts prior to the Initial Public Offering, resolve general accounting problems if faced, help set up charts of accounts, make records for all of the accounting transactions, prepare the monthly bank statements, compile monthly management financial reports, present reports in currencies other than functional currencies, and prepare tax returns.

They also work towards providing their clients with a few top-quality services such as handling the accounts payable. This includes taking care of the payments of vendor invoices along with employee expense claims, handling issuing of payment vouchers as well as preparing cheques and mail signed cheques to the payees and remit funds through telegraphic transfer. A few other services include notifying payees through their email, maintain of common or exclusive trust accounts where the funds of clients are received or disbursed, maintain separate ledgers for the common trust accounts and even bank reconciliation on a month to month basis for exclusive trust accounts.

corporate secretarial services

Availing corporate secretarial services

When exploring corporate secretarial services, you can avail them for both private as well as listed companies. They will help your business align with the business regulations and international standards.

The services include incorporating private and private limited organisations, companies, non-profit organisations as well as trust bodies, registering of the foreign companies or branch offices that are located in Malaysia, help in the maintenance of statutory records and filing of accounts. They also work towards attending board and shareholder meetings and record the minutes of the meeting of the same, provide representative office registrations along with renewal, help in capital reduction, capital increment and share transfer, restructure member’s liquidation, aid in crisis management solutions that concern the Board, shareholder and even disputes, and finally they manage copywriting and reviewing the Chairman’s statement, Management discussion and analysis.

These services are likely to help your business succeed by laying down a strong foundation. Make sure to find one that suits your business the best.