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Dan Mintz

Everything You Should Know About Dan Mintz, the DMG Entertainment CEO

Dan Mintz is a New York native who was born in the year 1965. He is a reputed American Chinese-based film production, direction, and editing specialist who is the Chief Executive Officer of DMG entertainment. DMG was founded by Dan Mintz himself alongside Bing Wu and Peter Xiao in 1993.

Early career

Mintz is based in Beijing, China, where he first arrived in 1989. His relocation to china was basically to participate in the shooting of a TV commercial. However, he didn’t go back to New York after the TV Commercial was successfully shot, rather he stayed behind were alongside two Chinese directors he started DMG Entertainment.

Four years later, having started DMG entertainment, he was able to successfully shoot award-winning TV commercials, short films, and comics. By then, they hadn’t invested in filmmaking yet until later in 2012.

The breakthrough

Dan Mintz is the brain behind a range of short, independent films such as the cookers. Mintz is known to be ambitious, and a strategist, and these traits have helped him achieve great goals in the entertainment sector. DMG’s success was motivated by both political and infrastructural triggers


The political trigger was the successful conclusion of the Beijing Olympics, which was a big coming-out party. On the other hand, the infrastructure trigger was that China needed about 5,000 screens for the industry to be steady and feasible; this was happening in the year 2008.

In the year 2009, DMG entertainment invested in the making of films, with their first successful product being, the founding of a Republic followed by the rom-com Go Lala Go. Their first successful Hollywood co-production movie was the Looper. By 2015, DMG had become one of the world’s best advertising films operating within the Chinese topography.

In 2013, DMG, alongside the Marvel Studios, co-produced the world’s great movie hits such as Iron Man 3. By meeting and accepting to collaborate with Marvel and Disney, DMG made one of the most influential movies in the history of their collaborations that saw them create a great project that delivered long-lasting results in the world of movie production.

Current projects

It is more than two years since DMG Entertainment acquired comic publisher Valiant Entertainment. Valiant Entertainment is the 3rd most prominent comic publisher in the world, known for presenting the best superhero characters. He desired to own the Valiant Entertainments in full, and that’s why he staked 57% of the company’s total value.

DMG, alongside Valiant Entertainment, released its first film, Bloodshot, early this year. However, the movie didn’t hit the market as expected as the Coronavirus pandemic created a loophole that forced them to release the first digital copies on March 24, 2020.