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For Better Communication And Transparency: IP PBX Singapore

A business comprises many smaller departments, and for a business to run smoothly, it is important to have coordination and proper communication between them. When communication is without any hurdles, the business grows and prospers significantly. If you want better communication for your business, then ip pbx singapore is just the right thing you want to look at.

What is IP PBX? It is a combination term made from IP, internet protocol, and PBX, Public Branch Exchange. It is a central system that switches and routes calls between the telephone network and the voice-over IP users using the internet. This is a specialized system and the best way to route many calls simultaneously.

A PBX is a private telephone network used within a business organization through which employees can use to communicate with other colleagues or to make and receive calls.

How is IP PBX different from the traditional PBX?

A traditional PBX is installed in the office and requires maintenance and upgrades to keep it up to date. It connects the call internally and externally and ensures the calls stay connected. These are made up of hardware, while an IP PBX system is a software. This system can handle voice calls, video calls, data, and link up with the email. It can be in the business premises or can be handled externally by a VOIP provider.

A voice-over IP phone system proves to be more beneficial for businesses. And here are reasons why you should opt for that:

  • Low initial and monthly costs
  • Easy to use
  • Wide calling features such as voice, PSTN connectivity, unified communications, video conferencing, support of a mobile device, and encryption of calls.
  • No maintenance required
  • Remote work can be done

Many telecommunication service providers offer this service to your business. And you should be wise enough to choose the best provider for your company which completes all your needs. If you are searching for a service provider for IP PBX Singapore, you might want to check Velox networks as they provide the best services possible to their client. Here are some reasons why you should choose them.

  • Free office setup cost
  • Softphone app for smartphone
  • Softphone app for the desktop
  • Low-cost local calls
  • Competitive international calls
  • Unlimited users
  • Detailed call analysis

If you are searching for an ip pbx singapore VOIP provider, make sure you seize the deal that Velox networks provide. And you will get what you have been promised.