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Foreigners Permanent Residence in Singapore

Foreign Investors Can Receive Permanent Residence

Wealthy foreigners are eligible for PR status in Singapore through two different investment programs: Global Investor Program or GIP and Financial Investor System or FIS. These programs are not for everyone, but if you are interested in establishing permanent residence in Singapore and you have millions of dollars in assets, you are ready to invest in Singapore. One of these programs may be for you.

Global Investor Program

Applications for permanent residency of the Global Investor Program are evaluated by the Economic Development Board and the Singapore Liaison. Many of investor are preferring getting pr in SingaporeTo consider GIP PR status, investors should either:

  • You have at least three years of experience in the business or documented business and currently own a company that has gross sales of at least 30 million Singapore dollars in the last year or an average of 30 million Singapore dollars over the past three years,
  • Be a senior corporate manager with a minimum of 10 years experience in corporate management and are currently employed as a senior manager in a company with a total annual turnover of at least S $ 100 million.

As of January 2011, qualified applicants with the required expertise in business, business or senior management can choose from two options for investing in GIP:

Option 1: Invest at least S $ 2.5 million in a startup or expansion in the existing Singapore company. This initial investment must be approved before the investment by a merged investment capital fund in Singapore, a combined enterprise in Singapore or another trust fund focused on economic development.

Foreigners Permanent Residence in Singapore

Option 2: Invest at least S $ 2.5 million in a GIP certified fund. This initial investment must be approved before the investment by the Singapore Integrated Capital Fund or the Singapore Foundation or another trust fund focused on economic development.

Under the Global Investor Program, applicants can include their immediate families in a public relations request. The immediate family consists of the applicant's husband and unmarried children under the age of 21. The applicant’s parents or the applicant’s spouse may apply for a long-term visitor permit, renewable for a period of five years.

Financial investor scheme

Singapore is a modern country that offers a steady government, economy, and healthy lifestyle for both business and some leisure, making Singapore a beautiful place to stay as healthy as an excellent place to invest things. Once you are granted a public relations case, you can travel in also out of the country quickly, and also work without the work visa. You can buy real estate more efficiently, and your children are eligible to enter the general education system in Singapore. These advantages attract many people who currently live in Singapore. Some are considering working plus residing in Singapore to obtain permanent residency and find a way of getting pr in Singapore.