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Give Your Business Boost With Whatsapp Sales Solution

It is not a hidden fact that everyone today is available on the internet through various social media apps. WhatsApp is an app that has come a long way since its formation and is widely popular among people too. In its initial years, it was only a platform to communicate with your friends and family. But as the business market evolved, WhatsApp launched its business app for small and medium businesses to interact with its customers. And for this, the whatsapp sales solution is essential.

COVID-19 and WhatsApp Business

COVID-19 has hit small and medium businesses very hard. During the pandemic, every small or considerably large type of business has moved online to sustain itself. At these times, WhatsApp business has come to the rescue and helped them to stay afloat. It provides businesses with many features which work in their favour. There was no lack of communication between the businesses and customers;instead, it made the customers feel valuable as the responses were quick.

Sometimes, it becomes hard for those businesses with a wider customer base to respond to several customer queries at once. For times like these, some companies offer you various services for handling and engaging with your customers better and efficiently.

With the help of the Moobidesk whatsapp sales solution, your business can reach new heights. Several chats can be handled at once by agents, and if there is a need for further assistance, then the chat is transferred to the supervisor.

Features of Moobidesk

What is so special about the company, you may ask? Moobidesk offers businesses a lot of features that you will find nowhere else. Some of them are:

  • Quick Response

The company's helpdesk analyzes the message and responds to it in the best possible way quickly without any error, which is a possibility in human assistance. This makes the customer satisfied with the business.

  • Bot to agent transition

For the simple and easy requests of the customers, the bot responds as the customer's request starts to become complex, the bot transfer it to the agent automatically.

  • Different agents respond to different customers

For every customer's queries, the first agent handles that customer so that there are not multiple agents for a single customer.

  • Performance analysis

The agents can look at the performance, like how many customers reached out, giving them a thorough report.

With Moobidesk, you can engage with your potential customers and deliver a good experience to them. It will increase your sales.