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Gold Coast Mick Featherstone into Boiler Fraud Scam

Gold Coast Mick Featherstone into Boiler Fraud Scam

Gold Coast Boiler Fraud Scam

The Australian Broadcaster famously known as ABC is providing full insights of political news, entertainment, sports, arts, kids, health, business, and the world to make aware the people of Australia. This Australian News Broadcasting channel was launchedin 1932 on 1st July.If you are curious to know about the daily events and weather forecast,then log in on this site providing self details to become a loyal member to read the published news on this channel. Currently this channel in all in the news regarding Zach Featherstone internet removals which is a police detectivehandling the case of former gold coast investigator and businessman Mick Featherstone who was raided at his home for boiler room scam worth multi-million dollars. His work is to remove the unwanted text about the accused before publishing on the site. Hence Zach Featherstone gold coast is, therefore, a well-known internet removal as well as expertise in Search engine optimization and other tools to access the websites on the internet. The accusedwas presented in Brisbane court for the hearing,but the judge did not proceed against him due to lack of evidence.

Gold Coast Mick Featherstone into Boiler Fraud Scam:

Did you come to know that in September the commonwealth had chargedAnthony John Restaino 43 and Graeme Dwyer 67 for money laundering in boiler room which later came to be known as sports betting?The Queensland Crime Police and Corruption Commission (CCC) during their investigation stated it as Lima Violin II.

Later they found that there is lackingevidenceand cannot produce the accused in front of Magistrate in Southport and were replacedwith an initial one of money laundering. Further, in CCC investigation, the ten accused were found to be linked with Lima Violin II and produced them before the court with a combination offraud and money laundering offenses. Since then the whole investigation took more thantwo years to concludethat the illegal activities also involved the Black Uhlans and Bandidos outlaw bikie clubswhich are part of Phoenix Global Companywhose ownerwas Mick Featherstone, a former Queensland police detective.

Soon in February Featherstone’s wifeZoei Keongand son Zach were also released on bail who were also suspected for thescams of a cold call to locals of Australia by hiring high-pressure sales officers who helped them to grab20 million dollars. Thus this scam left600 victimswho offered their money on their schemes.


ABC was the first to state the news regarding Chief of the CCC, as theypassed information tothis channel regarding thecrime that the investigation is not over due to lack ofevidence.Later former police officers who were in this corruptionwere stated to be accused of the boiler-room fraud scam and protected by higher officials.So CCC then decided that they will not arrest former officers against the charged Featherstone fraud scam until they find any evidence against them.