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International prepaid cards

International Prepaid Cards: The Peerless Benefits They Offer

If you frequently travel overseas for pleasure, business, or any other reason, you’d be glad to know you have a trusted and reliable ally to count on—your international prepaid card. International prepaid cards have been considered by many travellers as the ultimate travel companion thanks to the peerless benefits they offer.

For starters, those who use international prepaid cards are spared from the risk and hassles of carrying physical cash with them anywhere they go. That means you’ll be able to minimise if not totally eradicate the chances of getting your money stolen or lost when you carry an international prepaid card with you.

What are some of the superb and exciting benefits of international prepaid cards?

International prepaid cardholders who bring their cards overseas can definitely attest to the peerless and exceptional benefits they offer. If you’re considering getting an international prepaid card, below are some of the topnotch benefits you can’t afford to miss out on:

  • Many international cards allow as many as 16 different currencies to be loaded on the card.
  • Some issuers of international prepaid cards entitle cardholders to reward points for some of the transactions done using the card.
  • If cardholders wish to check the balance that’s available on the card, they have the option to check from ATMs available worldwide their cards are affiliated with. Thankfully, international prepaid cardholders typically receive notification messages for transactions done using the card. Most transaction notifications will also involve the current balance available on the card.
  • International prepaid cardholders sometimes enjoy significant discounts at restaurants each time they use their international prepaid cards.
  • If the international prepaid card is linked to an internet banking account, cardholders can easily track their spending and balance with just a few mouse clicks.

International prepaid cards

What are some international prepaid card basics you need to remember?

While international prepaid cards have been around for many years now, many users are still not familiar with even their most basic features. If you’re still in the process of getting to know your international prepaid card, below are some of the basics you need to remember:

  • When you use an international prepaid card, it is likely that you’ll be able to save a significant amount in terms of currency conversion charges.
  • Since you have the option to load foreign currency directly on your card, you are also in the position to make currency conversions when the rates are highly favourable.
  • If you happen to deplete your balance while outside the country, you have the option to reload your card through internet or mobile banking as well as through secure loading portals online. Once reloaded, you can instantly continue doing purchase transactions or ATM withdrawals.
  • Just like credit cards, some international prepaid card providers provide beneficial coverage and protection for cardholders like personal air accident cover, lost liability card protection, lost baggage cover, and counterfeit liability cover to name a few.
  • In the event that the card is stolen or lost, you have the option to have the cards blocked immediately. Fortunately, most blocking requests can easily be done online. Calling the card issuer’s customer care line is yet another alternative you can look into. In some cases, international prepaid card providers provide add-on cards in the event that the main cards get lost or stolen.