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corporate wellness challenge platforms

Making Wellness Fun and Profitable

The pandemic drove us all home and locked us in. The need to go out has reduced like never before. Food, groceries, and perishables like vegetables and meat reach our doorstep, making us lazy. To top it all, now work has also come to our homes. The work from home culture has bound us to our chairs, and in the name of flexible work hours, we are extending the work hours without boundaries.

However, the pandemic has also taught us an important lesson, the importance of health. We, as a generation, have become aware of our health and well-being and are working towards it. It would be even more beneficial and fun for social animals to become healthy together. The workforce has joined hands to become a healthy team. We have created your perfect wellness partners to aid them in the journey. Corporate wellness challenge platforms execute the job with finesse to make this process fun.

How Can wellness be Fun?

You were wondering how wellness can be fun? Well, here is the solution. They bring the perspective of a game to working out. They have fun-based activities that count as workouts tracked by step counters and calorie burners. There is also a leader board to compete. For every calorie you burn, you get points, and the more you score higher you are placed on the leaderboard. Offering exciting prices to the top performers can encourage people to do more.

corporate wellness challenge platforms

Profitable Rewards

The rewards for every milestone can be health-friendly and profitable too. Redeemable vouchers from recreational outlets, active gear brands, and memberships at gyms or spas can be helpful in their health journey.


Group events like trekking, marathons, and adventure sports trips could be organized. This also feels like a good break outside work and a good workout that doesn’t feel like a workout; this could also become their family time.

Mental Health Matters too

Mental Health is important for overall well-being. Platforms also offer meditation and AI-powered virtual assistants for your mental health needs.


Some platforms have workout plans, diets, and healthy recipe journals: fitness motivation stories and more.

March towards a healthy lifestyle in style and enjoy it. What else could you ask for? Incentives? Yes, you can have it. Some corporates have also come forward to offer incentives to people who have been consistent in their healthy lifestyle. Corporates who have understood that the overall well-being of the workforce can have a significant impact on productivity are ready to invest in corporate wellness challenge platforms. Also, doing it together keeps everyone consistent which might be very difficult for individuals.