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Mistakes To Avoid When Building An Online Presence

Successful online penetration comes at a cost. In today’s internet-oriented business world, putting your business online opens it’s up to millions of active potential customers. It’s weird how some people still think that building an online presence is all about having a website and active social media accounts. Creating a successful online presence is all about doing what it takes to stay visible online and relevant to your target audience. Small businesses need to avoid these mistakes when building an online presence.

Wrongly Designed Websites

The quality of your website speaks volumes about your business. If it’s appealing and smart, clients will flock your direction in no time since it will convey your brand message clearly and understandably.  Besides making the website appealing, you have to provide it with powerful visual imageries, award-winning content, and make it super responsive. Your contact and address information should be easily accessible. Not adding these essential features to your website risks it not going viral and conveying the intended message well.

Creating Mobile Unfriendly Websites

A study published on Statistic confirmed that more than 49.74 percent of website views in 2017 were from mobile devices.  The study also predicted this amount to skyrocket to 2.5 billion by the end of 2019.  This simply means that making your website mobile friendly is essential if you want your brand exposed to a higher audience.

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Failing To Implement Local SEO

Based on a previously conducted survey, 89% of those involved in the survey claimed to have searched for local businesses on their smartphones. This simply means not implementing local SEO is a recipe for an unsuccessful online presence building experience.  Even if you are targeting a global audience, you must implement local SEO as it will help improve your website rankings, increase your local exposure, and boost your website visibility.

Not Having Social Presence

With proper marketing, your website can still earn you a great client base. However, not having a strong social presence makes the process extremely difficult. Social media accounts for the largest percentage of internet users. So, having a presence in different social media platforms can be a great way for you to reach your target audience quickly and easier. It is advised you provide your contact and address information on your social media platforms for customers to easily reach you when in need.


The ways in which your business can benefit from getting a strong online presence are vast. Having provided you with all the information on the mistakes to avoid when creating an online presence, you can now build a strong online presence with ease. Get started now and unravel your business to the huge variety of opportunities available online.