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Pop-Up Banners vs. Furniture Rentals

An exhibit is something that should be well-planned and carefully analyzed. The very first thing that you should be considering when you plan for an exhibit should be the cost. Exhibiting your products should not cost you a lot. Presenting your products to customers should not be breakeven to your income. Yes! The presentation should be creative and should use the best materials because it gives people their impression. But you can do an exhibit presentation that is creative that would catch your customers' attention yet cheaper. Before your exhibit, you are placed in a dilemma of making choices. It will be a dilemma of which is better and which is which. Here is a comparison between using pop-up banners versus using or renting furniture for your set up.

Which is which?

The Use/Rent of Furniture

Traditionally, furniture is used for exhibitions and displays for product presentation and other events; from huge tables, massive racks, heavy standees, and the like. No doubt furniture can cater to your items, samples, and information necessary for your product. Furniture depends on the materials used, are presentable, classy, elegant, and spacious. However, the use of furniture has downsides. First, it is costly. Renting furniture for your exhibit can cost you a lot of how much more if you buy your own. It is not economically wise to use massive furniture for your exhibit. The bigger and the more furniture you use, the more expensive it gets especially if you buy them.

Second, logistically inconvenient. Another downside of furniture use is that it adds inconvenience when transporting them. You will need a truck to carry all massive furniture not counting yet the gas, truck rental, and addition of manpower. Third, is the space. If you only have a limited space allotted for your exhibit, then the massive furniture will surely not fit. You rented expensive furniture for very limited space and cannot even cater to your whole display. Fourth, it is boring. Using furniture alone, no matter how expensive, is very boring. It does not catch your customers' attention.

Pop-Up Banners

The innovation in design gave birth to the use of pop-up banners for an exhibit. It is not only a simple, boring banner but design and innovation were integrated to cater to different exhibits. It has become replacements for massive furniture use. Compared to furniture, it is foldable and lighter. The advantages of using pop-up banners are; Cheaper. Instead of renting and buying massive furniture, renting or buying pop-up banners is very economical. It can save you a lot of money without losing the creativity factor. Second, it is logistically convenient. You won't need trucks to haul your set-up. You won't be worried about additional manpower fees, gas, and truck rental. Pop-up banners are light and easy to transport. Plus, it maximizes your exhibition space to its full potential.

Now that you learned the contrast between using furniture and pop-up banners, you can now choose which one can help you with your exhibition set up without any hassle and fees to think of. Check out pop up display Singapore

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