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Protect Your Telephonic Conversations

Protect Your Telephonic Conversations

Who doesn’t have a phone or Internet connection these days? From children to adults, everyone is familiar with phones and the reaches of the internet. Both of the above-mentioned things play a big role in our lives.  No business or association can work properly if either of them refused to work.

Every conversation that you have through your phone or through an internet-induced telephonic conversation has a risk of being leaked. As the world wide web connected the world, it also becomes dangerously easy for every message we send through the help of the internet, to be exposed without our permission.

This becomes even riskier when high-end businesses or enterprises use the features of the Internet and their data is somehow leaked. Big Enterprises have extremely confidential data that in no way can be exposed to rival companies or hackers. Lives and careers of many people depend on this information, and there’s also a high-end risk of losing a large sum of money due to this.

This is where Session Border Controllers or SBC come into the picture. Session Border Controllers are a network element used by companies or enterprises to keep their data safe during any sort of Internet or telephonic conversations.

Protect Your Telephonic Conversations

The job of any session border controller includes several parts. One of the main things they do is to ensure connectivity during a telephonic session between two parties.  Another main feature of their job is to maintain security during the phone call so that the messages are in no way leaked. They also play a role in encrypting the messages in codes in order to avoid leaking and other fraudulent activities. They also play a role in regulating call services. They also have a job in collecting statistical information regarding the calls that are being made, to keep a record that might be useful in the future. Equally, they provide media services, like transcoding the media and interworking of data and fax.

This system is preferred because there are numerous qualities to them.

  • They have very high standards in their performance and they allow nothing less than 250,000 sim card user registrations and more than 200000 sim calls.
  • They have an extremely safe firewall system to protect the messages from being leaked and help to make the messages encrypted.
  • They also use initiation protocol and IVP4 among other operators.

There are also a number of Session Border Controllers like Acme packet, Audio Code, and Ingate.


There is a tremendous need for High-end Businesses and Enterprises to communicate without foreign malicious intrusion from hackers and frauds. The information they send can be secured by installing a Session Border Controller, which is just the most secure way for them to communicate using the telephone or the internet.