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Reasons Why Learning Another Language Is Important In 2021

The ecommerce sales are to reach 6.54 trillion by 2023 to be the significant reason for the importance of anyone learning another language in 2021.  There is an increasing demand for marketing and selling products worldwide in this digitalized and globalized world.  Projections confirm that the translation services market reaches 46.21 billion USD in 2027 from 39.61 billion USD in 2019.  Hence learning another language will help to be part of such a rapidly growing translational industry with the tremendous increase in ecommerce to continue in the future.  Check out for more reasons on why it is essential in 2021 to learn another language out of the 6000 languages widely spoken worldwide.

The rising demand for excellent translation

The most significant phenomenon that transformed the business world is ecommerce in the last few years.  Now nearly one-fourth of the total retail sales are happening only online, and projections confirm it only increases in the future.  It increases the demand for excellent ecommerce translation to boost the products' sales in most demographical locations worldwide.  Though English is the official language in many countries, it contributes only 20% of the world population.  Of the 7.8 billion people worldwide, only 360 million people are native English speakers, and only 1.5 billion people speak English.  Hence for marketing and selling products to the remaining 80% of the people causes learning another language.

demand for excellent translation

Reasons for learning another language in 2021

Apart from ecommerce translation, there are many reasons for learning another language in 2021 that include

Improves connections with different cultures

Now with the world becoming a global village, learning another language enables anyone to connect easily with others. With the internet making people connect instantly from anywhere, anytime, it is possible to speak the language of people related to business and others to improve communication and relationship.  Also, it will enable anyone to learn about different cultures that will help in ecommerce translations.

Improve careers

In this globalized business world, there is a need to know over one language, improving careers.  Also, it will bring in many other benefits like increase in salaries and others.

Increases access to more information

In this digital world, learning another language will increase access to more information in the newly learnt language which otherwise would have been not possible.  It may include the idioms, slang and other cultural details to do excellent translational and marketing activities to boost sales and develop companies globally.

Get cognitive benefits

Learning another language will surely help get many cognitive benefits like improving memory, enhancing concentration, and developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills.  These cognitive benefits will help to enhance personal and professional life.

The above reasons will indeed confirm the increasing importance of learning another language in 2021 for translation and other purposes.