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Reliable Maid Agencies in Singapore

Singapore is one of the countries in Southeast Asia that are now at the pinnacle of their success in the field of tourism and marketing industry. Despite the great maintenance their tourism sectors provide, the country has other agencies and institutions where the safety and convenience of a person are being prioritized; such an example is the various Maid agencies Singapore has.

Since the majority of the people living within the city are considered to be well-off or a member of middle to upper classes in the society, most of them have employed such domestic workers to help them through their daily household tasks. The busy lifestyles and workaholic culture of these Singaporeans have pushed them to promote agencies where maid services are being offered. Also, for the protection of these workers, they are being provided by their needs and are being supported by their maid insurances that are usually offered by financial institutions like HL Assurance; to know more about the details of their policies, visit Maid Insurance Singapore.

And for those families who are planning on employing maids, here are some of the best and reliable agencies to check.

1st AllBest

A well-established agency, 1st AllBest provides well-trained domestic helpers that came from various countries approved by the Ministry of Manpower and have working experience of 7 years. They offer services such as comprehensive insurance coverage, medical check-ups, home leave and passport renewal processing, setting-in-program, direct hire of FDW, and deployment of foreign domestic workers that are newly recruited.

Island Maids

Island Maids is an agency that has received multiple awards for the training they provided which enhances the complimentary mindset and integration of their workers. They also follow the procedure of thoroughly checking the details of their maid’s education history, previous works, and background. For the scope of their services, they have deployment and island-wide training for the maid.

Eden Grace Maid Agency

Eden Grace Maid Agency is one of the Christian maid agencies in the city. This company makes assurance for their helpers to have the right skills and attitude to create a positive impact on the lives of their clients and employers.

Similarly to other agencies, Eden Grace Maid Agency has all its applicants pre-screen according to their interviews and strict criteria. They also have their selected applicants undergo training catered to the needs and expectations of the Singaporean families.


Westrama has two categories for the scope of its services. As a preview, their client company services have post-employment assistance, pre-employment information regarding the current salary levels that are based on the skill levels and assessments of the applicants, conducted background checks on the prospects, rendered assistance for the relocation and process of documents of the applicants and identified semi-skilled, skilled, and professional workers. On the other hand, the jobseeker services help get contracts to be executed for the benefits of the employees, help get requirements for the general and law compliance, orientation programs regarding the local cultures, finding accommodation, and government clearance, and help provide information regarding the existing vacancies that commensurate the applicant’s qualifications.

Best Housekeeper

Best Houskeeper has included thorough screenings of their candidates, reference checks, and interviews between the helper and the employer a part of their standard operating procedure. They also guarantee the authenticity and legality of their domestic workers because they operate accordingly to the standard guidelines provided by the Ministry of Manpower or MOM. Also, as much as possible, the company tries to find maids that are appropriate and are accustomed to the lifestyle and work of their employers.

Part-Time Maid

Part-Time Maid is best for their trained and professional maids that only work part-time. They have air-conditioning, carpet cleaning, domestic helper, and spring cleaning services which have their respective prices that vary depending on the total time of service and the complexity of the tasks. However, the rates of their services are flexible and are cheaper than the ones provided by common agencies. This is a good company for people who only need an extra hand during important occasions or in maintaining their areas organized and clean.


Singapore has been expanding and developing over the years. Because of their great achievements and outstanding culture, the country has made its name within the field of marketing and business. These responsibilities and career-oriented attitudes have pushed the leading sectors to promote institutions where the daily needs of their people are provided; maid agencies were established and employment for the public was created. Yet, despite the tasks the domestic workers are obliged to do, they are still being protected through the services of their insurances that are commonly covered by financial insurances like HL Assurance; and to have more ideas regarding the policies they offer, visit Maid Insurance Singapore.