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professional office cleaning services

The characteristics and training that each of our employees possess

Before choosing a cleaning company it is good to decide which environments and services you need most and what frequency of intervention you want: once you have defined your needs it is a good idea to request more than one quote. Office cleaning and maintenance are essential services but every company has different rates, offers and packages of services : it is up to you to choose the one that is closest to meeting your needs cleaning company singapore for office.

To get help in this first phase of evaluation of offers, entrust yourself to the Volpi cleaning company, you can request a free quote with no purchase commitment .

A sanitized office is a more productive office, make it so with a click.

Officer / a cleaners , housekeeping , cleaning lady , etc .. are all terms that we use to identify a particular type of tasks aimed at cleaning items and home environments and / or working, but we know exactly what are these tasks and related skills required?

Also considering the current context, more and more companies and individuals entrust cleaning and disinfection operations to specialized personnel , since what may seem like a “simple” job requires more and more skills and organizational skills.

So let's see together the characteristics and training that each of our employees possess:

The cleaner takes care of maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of the environments, in the home, commercial or working environment .


professional office cleaning services

He must know:

Apply the safety and hygiene rules;

Use specific equipment (vacuum cleaner, polisher, etc.);

Safely handle and store the chemicals and products necessary for cleaning environments;

Use personal protective equipment that may be necessary (such as gloves or masks);

Knowing how to manage waste disposal .

The cleaner can function in several contexts: clearing offices , barns, industrial and marketable buildings , cafeterias and motels, public areas such as colleges, clinics, galleries, cleaning trains, personal residences, condominiums and flats .

Depending on the situation, the employee can work as a team or individually , wearing work clothes for cleaning staff (aprons, jackets and gowns) and often also safety shoes.

Compared to other jobs, he has an atypical working hours , having to adapt to the needs of those who commission the cleaning : if he cleans in offices or museums or commercial activities for example, he can start his work only when these spaces are empty, so before or after opening hours.