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The many benefits of blockchain technology

The introduction of digital currencies has been a major development and using them in businesses has been another unimaginable development. Blockchain technology makes their use very safe and secure. The below mentioned are some of the benefits of using this technology in business.

  • A business transaction involves two parties who need confidence and trust to engage in business dealing. This trust is brought about by blockchain technology with the safety it provides. Sharing of data between businesses happens with confidence. The type of digital currencies that are involved here in the transactions are considered extremely safe. People are able to trust business organizations with whom they hadn’t any relationship earlier. In the absence of blockchain technology, it would have not been possible for such transactions.
  • There is enhanced security and privacy in blockchain transactions. Anyone would expect higher security in the transactions since there shouldn’t be any intrusions. There is end-to-end encryption making fraudulent interruptions almost impossible. The data is stored in a network of computers and no one can have access except the rightful owner who has the private key. Blockchain networks like SOLANAX are examples. Anonymity and privacy of data are enabled here.


  • The structure is totally decentralized here. So there is no single entity that has control over the rest. While safer communication is made possible with blockchain between two unknown entities, it also makes it possible that each one is able to act independently since there isn’t any centralized control structure. When we talk about businesses, there are so many kinds of entities involved that are in charge of various activities. No one from them directs the entire community and the rights are there with each of them.
  • Speed is one of the most known benefits of blockchain. There is no manual processing involved so time is saved here. In manual transactions the role of intermediaries is huge. This is greatly reduced in a blockchain transaction. The transactions are done through the internet and are very swift. The speed of blockchain transactions depends on the internet traffic also. It is much higher than any other source.
  • The transactions cannot be changed once recorded in a blockchain. A permanent record is created with time and date. Any information can be traced back since a record is created. The transactions can be retrieved which makes accountability possible. This technology is very useful where keeping track of transactions will be helpful for future dealings in businesses, like for example real estate.
  • By reducing the time involved in transactions, it also reduces the cost to an organization. Due to increased efficiency in data processing, a lot of costs is saved. Elimination of intermediaries is also a reason for this.