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The Most Used Metal Detectors For Beginners

The Most Used Metal Detectors For Beginners

Have you ever thought of using the best metal detector, which is widely used by so many industries? The easiest way to use the metal detectors is by choosing the equipment where the beginners can use It most straightforwardly. The best metal detector for beginners provides the metal detectors that are commonly used by industries such as security services, Airline Industries.

The general purpose of metal detectors is increasing security at schools, transportation terminals, courts, jails, and prisons. Having all the characteristics required by the best metal detector for beginners has made smooth use for the beginners. As you continue reading, we have discussed more detectors in terms of pros and cons.

Things you should look before buying a metal detector

With so many detectors in the market, you will be more interested to know what should be the specifications and the price. The price decides the worthiness of the metal detector in terms of the sensitivity of the device. The following things that you should look on:

  • it should have rechargeable alkaline batteries or Nickel-Metal Hydride ones.
  • what features the product is having
  • Quality of the material
  • Important accessories
  • The Special Feature
  • Listing out Pros and Cons.

Most Metal detectors used in 2020

  1.  URCERI CG-1028 Waterproof Metal Detector

It is a high accuracy metal detector that has ample of accessories. The package contains a waterproof metal detector that comes equipped with an LCD screen, a foldable shovel, a pair of headphones, and travel bags.

It has the features of discrimination that allows you to detect the things that are in your priority.

Special feature -The factor which makes it unique than other gadgets is a Large LCD screen that allows you to give an excellent picture clarity.

Pros - 

  • Multiple accessories included- The device has so many accessories included, such as a shovel, Headphones, Carrying bags made with Tear Resistant Material.
  • Large LCD
  • Pinpoint searching


  • Batteries not included - You have to buy batteries of 9 V separately

2.Bounty Hunter TK4 Metal Tracker – This device designed for rugged terrain. It looks more like a military device made from durable plastic and metal. It has two detection modes discrimination and all-metal.

Special Feature- The device is mainly used for forests and rugged urban and rural areas. The coil is waterproof. The design is beneficial for first-time users.


  • Extremely Durable- The detector made from durable materials such as coil, stem, and control box so to make it long-lasting.
  • Easy to use - Made up of two nobs easy for reading in low light conditions.


Waterproof coil - if you use the detector on the beach, then it isn't straightforward. The coil that is not waterproof could get easily wet due to the more massive waves.