The RX Series Reach truck’s performances

Stand-Up Electric Forklift

The company Siam Motor Industrial Co., Ltd. offers experiences to all people. An additional degree of command and motivation a stable electric forklift using the Reach lift pickup RX Series (stand-up variant) improves rear wheel grip on rough terrain with Variable Linkage innovation. Direction-controlling technologies steadily steer, brake, or drive the car. In addition, its design prioritizes smooth operation, efficiency, and unobstructed observation. Stand-Up Electric Forklift trucks in the RX Series are reach trucks

That offers the utmost safety and comfort the reach lifting truck RX Model is a stand-up electronic forklift that boasts innovative design and cutting-edge technology to make drivers feel welcome and safe from the moment they get inside. Every aspect of the control room is made to be easy to operate. Considering a clear vision and efficient operations properly angled steering wheel and the handlebars, together with proximity switch pedals keep feet from protruding into the cockpit. Additionally, there is a magnetic board with storage spaces and document holders. Each symbol element of its structure was expertly and thoughtfully created.

Stand-Up Rider Forklift

Excellent value with the option to save electricity The Eco-Switch

There are control and operating modes for the Stretch Truck RX Model Stand-Up Electric forklift In addition to State P (Effective), Method N (Normal), and Mode C (Customise), there is additionally a state of operation called ECO Mode that may be selected according to the type of work being done. When it is not required utilize the electric forklift’s maximum capacity and cut your everyday energy use by 15%.

Protection system for vehicles Improve the reach truck’s safety 

If an electric forklift is necessary for your company you don’t need to worry about lifting and moving anything uphill or down steep slopes thanks to Siamese Motors Manufacturing Co., Ltd.’s reach pickup RX Range (standing and driving). Even if the car has to be parked on a hill, there is an anti-rollback mechanism. The car will learn to go less quickly until its accelerator is depressed once again. The underlying idea is if the driver does not use the accelerator while climbing a slope, they will release the brake. The vehicle will only be travelling at an average rate of one km/h.

The uphill and downhill cases are identical. Electric forklift: If the parking brakes are disengaged and the gas pedal is not depressed It will also only go ahead at a pace of one kilometre per hour to keep the vehicle under safe control. Consequently, when operating in an area that has a gradient The Counter roll back system modifies the reach truck so that it can launch effortlessly and is easy to handle, even if it has to go downhill a hill.