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These are the advantages and disadvantages of occupying in a virtual office space

With the connectivity that was brought by the innovation of communications technology, businesses and companies nowadays do not entirely require to operate in an office which is why a lot of these companies, the majority of our Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and startups prefer to take advantage of virtual office space.

Not only SMEs and startups that are benefiting from virtual office spaces, but also freelancers and groups who do not have a venue for brainstorming, meetings, and functions. It has become an ideal option for a lot of businesses in different industries and more and more people around the world have already tried and liked this concept according to experts that made a survey last year but it was already considered inevitable because of the fact that we are also embracing the innovation brought by technology making us more aware that we have to speed up work output and adapt these changes to our business to keep up with our competition.

If your company is looking for a virtual office space which will be used for your operations, then it is indeed a great idea, however, are you aware of its disadvantages as well? Despite its advantages and benefits, virtual office spaces also have its own drawbacks that you have to know in order for you to choose a virtual office space wisely.

In this post, we listed down the advantages and disadvantages of virtual office spaces, so enjoy reading this post courtesy of


  • Very flexible- Why is it flexible. Well in virtual office spaces, you have three different areas which make it flexible for everyone who is occupying on the entire floor. The first one is the flexible plan options because, in virtual office space, there are no annual leasing requirements, meaning, you can rent out the place on a monthly basis. The second one is the flexible cost option where there are no upfront fees, no required deposit and you also have a wide choice of plans keeping the cost very low.
  • Diverse working environment- SMEs and startups are thriving businesses that needs exposure to different types of industries and people who have the same passion as theirs which is why a virtual office space is ideal for them to occupy and run their business there because they are exposed to a very diverse working environment where they can collaborate and share their ideas to people that have the same passion as theirs.


  • Constantly distracted- Even though that virtual office spaces have a very diverse and a lively working environment, it can also cause tons of distractions especially for people who have tasks and works to finish. Virtual office spaces could distract you from your focus and concentration and you might end up your task getting ruined because you are sharing the entire facility with different groups with different agendas and the environment could get a lot of noise and movement.
  • Could be a source for competition- It is completely unavoidable that an SME or a startup which are on the same industry as yours could be occupying also in your chosen virtual office space which is not ideal at all because your ideas and plans could be sabotaged or copied by your competitor which will totally ruin everything you build for your company. For more information about quality virtual office spaces, visit