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Technical Translation

Title: How Can the Text Translation Service in Dubai Be Categorized?

The concept of translation is well known: it consists of translating content from one language to another, so that it can reach other audiences. However, a less well-known subject is that the text translation service has different characteristics.

Although the goal is always to change the original language of that content, the type of text says a lot about how the service will be done, what amount will be charged, what will be the delivery time and even which professional should deal with it.

Understand how this classification works, what are the main services offered and their characteristics and better understand how this wide universe of translation works.

How is a text translation service in dubai classified?

According to the type of content treated. This makes certain professionals more qualified than others to carry out each of these types.

Depending on the type of content, the value and term of the service may be longer or shorter. For example, among the most requested languages ​​for the document translator, English and Spanish differ from Russian, Korean and Arabic in that they are more common and have a greater availability of professionals.

In addition, translation services in dubai may vary in price and deadline according to the categories of translation content, which should be known to better understand how they work and when they apply.

Simple translation

This is one of the most common types of translation, it is applicable to various content that is not official in nature or does not belong to any of the specific areas of knowledge.

Simple translation can be carried out by any professional translator, as long as he / she knows the source and target languages. There is no particularity for its realization, which means that it represents a significant part of the services of professional translators.

Technical Translation

When the objective is to translate some content with technical content, be it from any area of ​​knowledge, technical translation is the alternative that should be sought.

This text translation service differs from the type previously seen in the fact that the subject treated needs to be dealt with by a professional who not only masters the two languages ​​that will be worked on, but also the specific knowledge pertinent to the area in question.

text translation service

How to categorize each text translation service?

Basically, according to the area of ​​translation to which the text fits, which requires different procedures and also the selection of professionals who are able to meet that specific need.

Each category of translation services may receive the following demands, for example:

Simple translation: websites, emails, advertising pieces and materials, magazines, newspapers, books without technical content, subtitles of films, series and videos in general.

Technical translation: equipment instruction manuals, scientific articles from all areas of knowledge, theses, experiments, technical content that will be published in magazines, newspapers, websites and social media.

Is it important to have translation professionals?

 Yes - this is the only way to guarantee the quality of the service, which are indispensable characteristics when thinking about a translation.

Knowing how much a translation in Dubai is worth goes directly through the studies and qualifications these professionals need to have, as well as their additional specializations, as in the case of technical and sworn services, which require other complementary steps.

The text translation service is very detailed and specific, which requires the presence of trained and competent professionals. Otherwise, the losses obtained by a low quality service may be irreversible.

When using a professional and experienced translator, the client will have all the tranquility they need, in addition to knowing that they will be served with excellence, cordiality and attention.