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Understand the DeFi and it's working

Decentralized finance - is the organization of services, similar to those banking on infrastructure which imply the absence of hierarchies , such as Cardano Blockchain or that are less centralized than the banking system. An important part of this type of projects are the  automatisms  that allow transactions to be carried out without external intervention, often based on the enormous strength of  smart contracts .

Decentralized Financeguide to the new universe of the DeFi Blockchain

The sector is relatively new - it exploits different types of cryptocurrencies and is now able to offer many services, even different from each other. There is also a strong integration between different projects and the liveliness with which new ones are born. A financial and technological world in constant turmoil, able to attract today both those who invest and those who are attracted by technology as such.

The  decentralized finance  is no longer a dream - but one that is faced with a future probably even more important. Entering this segment now, either by investing or by using the services directly, is probably the right thing to do. In this guide we will analyze the  best projects , the best cryptocurrencies and we will also try to understand more of them.

What is DeFi and what does it mean?

The DeFi - Decentralized Finance - is a new movement, heavily based on the world of criptovalute, which aims to have traditional banking services  without the intermediation of the financial system controlled by banks. In large part, this system aims to stand on  cryptocurrencies  and  blockchains  that support  smart contracts .

The applications in the DeFi area are already many: from the exchange of digitized assets, to the exchange of tokens, passing through automatic execution loans. The sector is still in the most primordial stages of its development and talking today about the future possibilities of this sector is practically science fiction, because what we see now on the market was inconceivable only a few months ago.

Decentralized Finance how it works

Much of what we should know is already in the name:  decentralized finance  aims to offer infrastructural support via blockchain, or by using tools that we have already seen applied - albeit at a primordial level - by Bitcoin or by  more advanced cryptocurrencies , at least in terms of functionality, such as Ethereum . There are several aspects that may concern decentralization and will be highlighted individually, to understand both the extent of the phenomenon and the possibilities of its applications.