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Using Bullet Points to Sell the Hell Out of Your Product

People today have a short attention span, let alone short patience. Online, audiences stay on a page for an average of 15 seconds. If they don’t like what they see, they’ll leave and never come back.

With that said, as a copywriter, you only have 15 seconds or less to make your audience stay and read through your pitch.

While most seasoned copywriters and marketing experts would advise you to captivate your target customers with an engaging story, honestly, that alone is not enough. You have to understand how your audience thinks when it comes to reading online copy.

Given the fact that they don’t have the patience to read through a long-form narrative, you can counter this by chopping your copy into pieces they can chew. How? Use bullet points!

Copywriting agencies in Singapore have been using bullet points in their sales pages, but not all of them utilize the value of this technique. Indeed, bullet points are for enumerating features, benefits, and other one-liner notes, but by knowing how to max out their features can make your audience stay, read, and do whatever it is that you’re asking them to do.

Here are a few good tips on how to use bullet points to sell your product:

  1. Do a “features vs. benefits” list fist.

The key to effectively using bullet points is by following a strategy. Since you will be feeding your audience with bits of information, you have to be careful in choosing the kind of info to give. You don’t want to overstuff them with ideas they don’t need, nor data they don’t understand.

Before anything else, make two lists: one for your product’s features, and another for your product’s benefits.

Once you have laid them all down, think about your audience. What kind of people are you going to sell your product to? Are they looking for better value for money and faster solutions, or are they after specific features that they see to respond to their concerns directly?

When you have figured out the kind of audience you have, then you already know which list to highlight on your bullet points. It will be easier for you to feed ideas to your audience because you know the info they want.

copywriting agency in Singapore

  1. Highlight the reasons for buying your product.

If you are to ask a copywriting agency in Singapore on how to use bullet points, they will ask you one thing: why should people buy your product?

What are your product’s best assets? Moreover, what’s in your offer that none of your competitors could match? Scream these reasons out in one-liner points so that your readers would see them right away.

Instead of just mentioning them in paragraphs as part of your overall narrative, give them the space they need to be seen. The shorter their statements, the better. It makes your message delivery more intense.

  1. Be specific.

People hate vagueness. They not only feel lost with the catch-all, motherhood statements; they feel like the speaker is not sincere. They only get lost in your story and feel like they don’t belong in the big change you are preaching.

With bullet points, you can be specific with your ideas. Tell your audience exactly how they are part of your story in a step-by-step manner. Share ideas that they can follow bit by bit. By the end of your pointers, they have already let you into their lives.

Being specific also enables you to speak in simple words and statements. The simpler your words are, the more your audience understands and accepts you.