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Virtual Data Room

Virtual Data Room: How To Choose One

Almost everything now is going virtual. The virtual world has been dominating for the past few years. Modern technology caused the virtual world to keep on improving. Virtual data rooms are one of the most beneficial things in the virtual world nowadays. Most large businesses and even starting entrepreneurs use these. There are several Virtual Data Room providers out there. Identifying the best fit for your business and needs is not a simple feat. Choosing which virtual data room provider will be best for your business takes time. You have to compare various providers and consider a lot of factors. Look for the following features when picking a virtual data room provider.

Document control

Any virtual data room should be able to secure and control sensitive documents. It should be able to do this while sharing these documents with third parties. You should look for a virtual data room that employs enterprise-grade security. It should have this security on all computers and devices. Even those outside the control of a firm's IT department. There should be a uniform application of this security technology. Where the documents get viewed should not matter. Whether it be on Windows, Macs, iOS, or Android devices. Make sure that the virtual data room you choose uses information rights management.  It should also be using multi-level encryption. Advanced document permissions and security policies are also a must.

Secure printing

There are instances where you want to grant a user the right to print a document. But, you may not want to allow the user to print to PDF. This is an important extra security feature that not all virtual data rooms offer. It is so subtle but you risk a lot without it. Users may be able to save a  permanent unalterable digital copy of the document on their computer.

Dynamic watermarking

A virtual data room should be spontaneous in applying dynamic watermarks. Each page of protected documents should have clear and visible watermarks. The readability of the underlying text should still be intact. It is best to look for watermarking text that you can customize. Embedding vital information is sometimes essential. The visibility of details such as a user's email address and IP address is helpful at times. Showing the current date and time as watermarks will provide a clear low-key reminder. It lets the reader know that the content is confidential.

Virtual Data Room

Activity tracking

Monitoring user activity in the data room proves helpful in gathering deal intelligence. You should choose a virtual data room that uses page-level tracking of who has seen what and for how long. This provides insightful information about the users' review process. It also generates audit trails for compliance.

Document preparation and review acceleration

You would want a virtual data room that accelerates the due diligence process. Stay away from those that hinder or thwart it. Search for a virtual data room that uses features designed to hasten the deal process. Examples of these features are infinite scrolling, drag-and-drop publishing, and automated PDF conversion. No restriction on file sizes and the ability to batch download are also great features.

Cloud infrastructure security and reliability

You should determine the virtual data room's server location. It should be at a world-class data center and hosted by a high-end service provider. You have to check the provider's way of supplying security and reliability. It should be comprehensive and done through various levels of redundancy. Servers should have a high availability rate with hot-swappable components. A data center infrastructure designed for high reliability is a must. This includes redundant network connectivity, power systems, cooling systems, routers, and cabling.

A virtual data room is important for most businesses and entrepreneurs. But, choosing the best virtual data room provider for you or your business is more important.