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What is the function of learning in career mobility and development?

Progress does not always imply a flashy new title and pay. It might also imply learning a new skill or working in a different industry. Because the only way is up is no longer the only route, the importance of learning in job mobility has become more prominent. People can now walk in a variety of ways, and learning initiatives create the routes and maps that guide them to their objective. When we consider how important mobility and advancement are in terms of engagement and retention, we see a clear need to provide individuals with opportunities to learn and improve. You can check out more on career motility

Succession planning and social learning

If you really want to walk in someone else's shoes, why not spend some time walking and working beside them? You can't build internal succession planning without some form of structured learning or mentorship program. You can generally divide this into two pieces or things to figure out: what does that person do every day and what skills do they need to do that? Essentially, this entails creating a skills profile for each individual which may be really valuable if you want to prepare one person for the role of another.

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Allow folks to move around to learn

A lot of small steps can add up to a great leap, which is why opportunity mobility may be a better term than career mobility. How often do you switch roles? Typically, no more than once a year, and research shows that this only applies to roughly 10% of the population. And these times of peer learning help you hone your abilities while also developing a broader awareness of the rest of the business. Returning to learning, your plan can use these internal mobility schemes for a win-win situation. Better check out more on career motility

People stay because they are mobile

If there is no advancement, there may be no people! In the sense that they will go if there are no evidence that you are investing in their development. Learning is a terrific approach to show individuals that you care about their development and give them a reason to stick around. Actions usually speak louder than words, so you may tell folks you will invest in your development all you want, but when you get them on a learning path, you will show them you mean it.