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What one needs to do to deal with ageism in Singapore workplace

Many social evils are slowly and steadily eating up the goodness in people and leading society towards the path of destruction. One of these social evils is ageism. It refers to the discrimination done against people based on age. It is not only that older people face this discrimination but also that young people face it. Sometimes young people fail to voice their opinions and are rejected, saying that they are young and do not have the wisdom to decide. Singapore is a place with a high population of older people and thus, exists ageism in singapore workplace.


How does it occur?

Ageism restricts someone from getting the chances or opportunities that are supposed to be for all, based on their age. Ageism exists in three primary forms: institutional ageism, which refers to the discrimination done by various institutions through their norms and policies that discriminate based on age. This kind of ageism exists in workplaces, such as ageism in singapore workplace.

The second form of ageism is known as interpersonal ageism. When one faces discrimination based on their age in their interaction with society, it is known as interpersonal ageism. For example, there is a general notion that older people are weak and do not possess the physical ability to do any task and are hence conveniently sidelined. The third kind is internalized ageism which is when a person starts instilling themselves with those ages beliefs and starts living by those faiths.

ageism in singapore

How can one stop ageism?

Ageism is such evil in society that it makes it hollow with its wicked ideas and notions. It can create a lot of harm as its effects are hard to be noticed. But there are ways through which one can prevent it from occurring. There needs to be proper awareness and education regarding this topic. In our society, especially at workplaces, sometimes important things get ignored, which hinders the smooth running of any business. They should also hold interventions for their employees to help them get over their practice of age-shaming, knowingly or unknowingly.

Companies also need to take strong actions against those involved in such evil practices. The laws and policies of the company should incorporate newer rules to prevent it.

That’s very much all about it. To know more, you may look over the web and gather info.