Transportation by land!

We provide inland transportation services. We provide complete logistics solutions that offer value to the customer and stakeholders.

Inspired by an ant mentality of good collaboration, caring for one another, being innovative, never giving up, and having a vision of tackling problems, we established PT Semesta Mandiri Transport as the solution to providing logistical services.

Ants live in colonies, with each function serving a specific purpose. Each gives to the achievement of the goals. Our shareholders’ purpose is to improve their well-being by making contributions.

Its Group:

The Semesta Group is a rising emblem of the logistics industry. In 2009, PT Semesta Mandiri Transport was introduced. We provide inland transportation services. PT Semesta Mandiri Transport specialised in delivery to Jabodetabek, Sumatera, and Jawa.

You may transport huge volumes at affordable rates using a freight forwarder to combine consignments. Shipping containers are also used for road or rail transportation.

Ants believe in winter throughout summer and vice versa. That is crucial. So, in any case, keep pushing forward as a premier logistics company.

Benefits of ocean freight shipping:


The ocean shipping business, hands down, provides the most inexpensive freight charges to shippers, especially over vast distances. According to a few estimates, ocean freight transportation costs four to six times less than air freight shipping. With figures like this, it’s simple to claim that ocean shipping is the most cost-effective international shipping choice.

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Capability for oversized, heavy, and bulky freight:

The capacity of shipping firms to transport enormous, or bulky cargo, often known as break bulk or Not in Trailer (NIT) cargo, is a significant benefit of sea freight shipping. Large vehicles, equipment, building materials, and other items may ship as cargo.

Advantages of the Shipping Industry:

Shipping is critical for any organisation, whether it has a physical location. Here are a few of the numerous advantages of shipping:

Offers advice and expertise:

  • It enables organisations like Mercury Business Services to advise and be proficient to companies wishing to ship without the specific knowledge and many years of experience required to make the best decisions.
  • Working with a seasoned shipping firm allows you to concentrate on your business while they handle your shipment.
  • Companies will be relieved to realise that their shipments will be tracked and delivered on schedule.

Gives you access to a global market:

The globalisation of the economy allows governments and businesses to share their products with places that previously had no access for workers. Shipping services assist these types of a trade by making it simple for goods to traverse large distances.

Global trade will be a huge benefit:

Countries with a strong internet presence have a significant edge over those that must avoid. Selling your goods or service on the universal market will considerably boost your and other firms’ chances of success.